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What Colour is Diana’s Hair - Red or Black?

In Fantomen 14-15/2023 editor Andreas Eriksson writes about Diana's hair color in his editorial letter and addresses something that has been happening for 30+ years.

It may surprise some non Fantomen readers but in their comic book, Diana has been depicted as a brunette and or redhead. However most phans have always seen Diana with black hair which is shown in the comics and newspaper stories with the blue tones. This is perhaps established because of the colours Ray Moore (or the unknown colourist) coloured in his Sunday newspaper stories and majority have since followed.

In the past Fantomen would edit the newspaper stories to change her hair colour to match. Fantomen has now decided to leave the newspaper stories when published in the comic as black haired and the current and new Fantomen stories will be kept having Diana with brown / red hair.

Do you think the team behind Fantomen has made the right decision? Can you live with the inconsistencies or would you prefer the Fantomen comic keeping Diana with the same colour?


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