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The Next Fantomen Hardcover "The Secret Chronicle" Cover & Contents Revealed

Last year Fantomen phans got a luxurious book containing the epic "Heart of Darkness" storyline.

Jacob Habinc and Andreas Eriksson from Egmont said that if that if the sales warranted it, we phans would get a new book for 2023 in the same ambitious quality.

Chronicle Chamber just received an exclusive sneak peek of the cover which would mean that the sales were enough to see a second volume.

The artwork is by Henrik Salhstrom and you can pre order from the following websites:

In the preview of Fantomen 2023 with Jacob Habinc and Andreas Eriksson they did tease the contents of the book.

Along with the cover sneak peak, the editors also gave us the following tease information:

  1. It will have more pages than the "Heart of Darkness" book.

  2. The stories are in full colour.

  3. Stories written by Claes Reimerthi and Kari Leppanen

  4. The contents of the book should be easy to judge by the cover.

One last thing is that if you can figure out the contents the book based from the cover you are likely to identify that the page count may not equal the page count of the "Heart of Darkness" book. We can only speculate and guess on what more can be included. What is your guess?

I for one am super excited! Are you?


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