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Redesigned Comics Kingdom Website Released

The modern redesigned Comics Kingdom website has been launched with a promise that the website will be an unique visual user experience.

At first glance the website is definitely an improvement with more features, better access to the archive stories and perhaps the best feature is the improved ability to read a landscape Phantom strip on a portrait phone.

Alex Garcia the Director of Comics at King Features and his team have been working on this new design since mid 2023. Credits to King Features for trying to bring the company and their properties to the new generation - may it continue.

The best feature is that for those who have a paid subscription can access the Daily and Sunday strips a week in advance. At the time of writing this article, the date was 29th January 2024 and I can access the 7 March 2024 strip.

The other feature that I think is worth the subscription cost is the access to the archived Daily and Sunday stories from March 1943 to current. If you are missing the classic stories by Lee Falk, Sy Barry or Wilson McCoy you have almost 50 years of reading to do.

Plans start at $4.99US per month and perhaps if this feature was advertised better, more phans may use it. The other option that may be helpful is that you can get a single comic subscription from as little as $2.99US per month - most spend more daily on their morning coffee.

These are my favourite two features, there are other features, positives, negatives and things they need to work on but we will review them in our joint video review of the website which will be out soon. If you would like to join in and submit your own review, please contact us at


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