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X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #191 - With KFS, The Phantom Custodians

Every since we started this website and the X-Band: The Phantom Podcast one of the most common questions we have received is when will we get to hear from someone from King Features and or Hearst?

It has always been a goal for us as we ourselves had a million and one questions that we wanted to ask. After 200 podcasts we got the chance and while we did not get to ask them all, we spent 90 minutes racing through as many questions as possible.

A huge thanks must go to Tea Fougner who is the comics editor for the Phantom plus 60 other comic titles. She was great in answering as many questions as possible and some were not easy to answer.

A brief list of the questions we asked in no particular order are:

  • What is the approval process of new stories from Tony DePaul, Egmont and Frew Publishers?

  • Is there a Phantom bible?

  • Will we ever see a new Phantom TV Show and or Movie?

  • The process from KFS point of view of the Matt Kyme and Shane Foley "Diana and the Heartbreakers Gang" story in Frew #1892.

  • The Phantom and cross over stories with The Raven, Sir Falcon, Flash Gordon, Defenders of the Earth etc

  • Moonstone verses Dynamite Entertainment.

  • What is the target audience of the Phantom?

  • Targeting the next generation.

  • The 100th Anniversary of The Phantom.

It must be noted that she did choose not to answer one question but you will have to listen and or watch the podcast to find out which one.

She also went over the history of King Features and Hearst and how they relate to our hero, the Phantom.

As always the video will show slides, art examples and props as we discuss the Phantom. The audio only version is attached if you prefer that method. Make sure you subscribe and leave a review on our podcast and or our YouTube Channel.

We would love to hear from you on what you think of this podcast episode. You can email us at or chat with us via our social media profiles: Facebook, Twitter and or Instagram.

1 Comment

Hey,... guys... Great interview with Tea.!! You three were Great.!! The Team 'did good.' Informative, fun, ... I enjoyed it very much.!! Thank you for such a great interview. I've been brought back into the fold... because of the Action Figures... both the Defenders of the Earth... and the BFS Phantom figures..... and that's lead to getting back into reading ... The Phantom, again.!! So, ... everything is 'good.' BUT... let me say this.... I may be an outlier here... So, ... with a grain of salt... I don't necessarily want to see another Defenders of the Earth cartoon... unless it has a more 'adult' approach. The concept of teaming The Phantom, Mandrake & Lothar, and Flash Gordon is a great idea...…


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