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KFS Announce a new TV Show Currently in Development

Yes, you have read that right!

King Features has quietly slipped some earth breaking news on their website that a new TV show is currently in development. Some phans may have already known about the possibility but now its official.

News at this stage is very sparse but what we know and can share is American television production company "Universal Content Productions" operating within the Universal Studio Group division of NBCUniversal, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Comcast is developing the show.

They have created successful shows like "Warehouse 13", "Killjoys", "The Umbrella Academy", "Quantum Leap", "Resident Alien" and many others. Some of these shows have been on platforms like Netflix, SyFy channel, Peacock, Hulu and their own NBC channel. Nothing yet on which channel will show the TV show.

At this stage there is no official announcement further than the TV show is in development and "Universal Content Productions" are the company behind it. KFS do like the Defenders of the Earth licence so chances are we may see Flash and Mandrake make an entry but nothing has been announced either. Please continue to google and see if you can find something we cannot. If you do, please let us know.

Also we want to know who you would like to see play the main role, what type of TV show would you like to see? What other actors, actresses and producers would you like to see fulfil the roles on the show? Let us get excited.


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