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New KFS Phantom Style Confirmed

A little over a month ago we noticed new Phantom images appearing on Comics Kingdom merch, and speculated that KFS had a new Phantom style guide with some new designs on their clothing range. Well, we weren't far off!

While there is not a new style guide as such, there is certainly a newly refined "The Phantom" logo, as well as a range of new character art that Phantom licensees and partners have been given to refresh their products.

Some may argue that the logo is not far removed from previous iterations, and certainly the concept of the skull in the 'O' in 'Phantom' is not a new one. This device has been used several times before - perhaps most famously by Charlton (USA) in the late 1960s and more recently by Hermes Press (USA).

However the skull completely taking the place of the 'O' is a subtle change and not something we can recall being employed before.

As for the character art, according to Kerryn McCormack from Merchantwise (KFS license managers in Australia), "this new character art not only modernizes the brand, but provides more versatility in terms of art usage". A variety of 2D and 3D images also provides scope for creators to use these in a range of ways.

The character art, highlighting the Phantom in a range of dynamic poses and also featuring Hero and Devil, has been designed by popular comic book cover artist Amelia Vidal. You can check out her work on her ArtStation page here.

From Buenos Aires in Argentina, Amelia currently works as a Character Designer for Marvel Studios and previously as a cover artist at BOOM! Studios. Dedicated phans may also be familiar with her work as the cover artist for the Legacy of Mandrake the Magician series currently being produced by Stonebot Comic Books.

Chronicle Chamber has been in touch with a range of merchandise creators from around the world and can confirm that they are looking at ways of bringing these new designs to us the phans through all manner of products. Comics Kingdom may have been the first to use them but they will be by no means the last!


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