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New Phantom Title Being Published by French Publisher Editions Dante

France had such a rich history of The Phantom with the country being one of the few that published comics prior to 1940.

The French publisher Editions des Remparts published a regular comic series in the 1960's and 1970's. Over 1,100 comics have been published in the country between 1938 and the last comic in 2012 before this.

Editions Dante is a French publisher that back in 2009 published their first Phantom comic which reprinted six Moonstone stories.

From what we understand they will be publishing more comics featuring our hero. Local artists Frank Cissokho and D. J. Franklin will be involved with the design of the comics and cover art.

Each comic collections will be €20.99 ($35Au, $25US & 220sek) plus shipping. As always postage will be more internationally and due to license restraints may be restrictive. You can buy via their website here.

First and currently in comic shops is a start of another collection reproducing the Canadian / French series Le Fantôme from Héritage. Interesting it is collecting a Canadian series of the Charlton comics. In the original 1975 to 1977 series there were 24 comics.

This first volume includes the following stories from the first five comics:

  • "Le Fantôme de Shang-Ri-La" ("The Phantom of Shang-Ri-La") by Dick Wood and Jim Aparo

  • "La Légende vivante" ("The Living Legend") by unknown creators

  • "Le secret de la rançon dorée" ("The Secret of the Golden Ransom") by an unknown writer and Sal Trapani

  • "Le démon invisible" ("The Invisible Demon") by Bill Harris and Bill Lignante

  • "Le tigre de la terreur" ("The Terror Tiger") by Bill Harris and Bill Lignante

  • "Delilah" by Bill Harris and Bill Lignante

  • "Les aventures de la fille Fantôme" ("The Adventures of the Girl Phantom") by Dick Wood and Bill Lignante.

  • "Le trésor de Bengali Bay" ("The Treasure of Bengali Bay") by Bill Harris and Bill Lignante.

  • "La malédiction de Kallai" ("The Curse of Kallai") by Dick Wood, Pat Boyette and Vince Alascia

  • "La mort du Fantôme" ("The Phantom's Death") by Don Jon Arneson and Jim Aparo

  • "Le singe géant de Tawth" ("The Giant Ape of Tawth") by Don Jon Arneson and Jim Aparo

No word yet if they are planning on reprinting the whole series. Likely it will depend on sales.

From what we have gathered, Editions Dante will also be continuing on with their reproduction series of the Moonstone stories in a very similar format as their initial 2009 book. At this stage there is no word on a release date or even the stories.

If their reproduction series continue to sell, the publisher has confirmed it will also be looking at the Dynamite Entertainment stories, maybe including "The Last Phantom" series.

You can read an interview with Eduardo Ferigato the artist here.


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