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Glenn Lumsden Hands over the Frew Giant Size Cover Baton

Bombshell news thanks to Anthony Gillies with the news that phan phavourite Glenn Lumsden has decided to hand over the baton for the Frew's Giant Size comic.

For those who have come in late, the Giant Size series is a 100+ page comic book series featuring new and classic stories of the Phantom, Sir Falcon, Phantom Ranger, Planetman and many other Australian and international characters. The series comes out every quarter (3 months).

For many phans, the best thing are the covers designed by Glenn Lumsden and the news that he wont be doing anymore from 2024 onwards will disappoint many.

We had to reach out to Glenn and he had this to say:

I realised that this was probably the right time to hand over the baton, before I started to not love doing the covers anymore. Everything has a beginning middle and end... and it's great if you can pull up stumps when you feel the time is right!

Glenn Lumsden stressed to us that the decision to stop covers for Frew (at this stage) was not made out of a bad relationship and to make it clear that it was a totally friendly decision with much love between all. He would hate for people to assume otherwise, and it would not be fair on Frew either, if people thought that.

When asked to name his favourite Giant Size cover his response was a classic dilemia of trying to name his favourite child:

My favourite Giant Size cover would probably be the elephants, or the fun park where he's at the shooting gallery. Or the one where he's on the radio "calling all heroes!". Actually, the medieval one with the sword was nice too and the men of mystery, with all the secret panels! Far out... It would be easier to say which ones I thought were a bit less.

Glenn went on to say that this will NOT be the last we see of his work on the Phantom with an open invitation to do more covers from Frew plus he is currently finishing a crossover story with the Phantom and the Phantom Ranger which will go in a future Giant Size comic.

Below you can see two panels from this story - how awesome does this look?


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