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Inkspot #94 by Australian Cartoonists Association Featuring Glenn Lumsden

Inkspot is an ongoing magazine by the Australian Cartoonists Association who do a great job focusing on the Australian comic/cartoon creators. Their latest issues features a magnificent Glenn Lumsden design on the front cover but also part one of a interview with the Frew creator.

He was the comic book artist winner for the 2021 Stanley Award. Full list of award winners and nominees can be found here.

Thanks to phan Trevor Clark, he has sent us the cover and also the first page of the interview. To read the full interview, we suggest supporting the organisation and buying your own copy. You can find their website here and or their Facebook page here.

You can of course listen to Glenn Lumsden who joined us on X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #193.


Thanks to Trevor Clark for the update and the scan.


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