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Julie Ditrich in Australia Autumn/Winter 2021 Inkspot Magazine

Inkspot is a magazine released by the Australian Cartoonists’ Association (ACA) . In their Autumn / Winter 2021 (#92) issue, Julie Ditrich has written a four page article titled "Writing to Purpose: 7 Insights I Gained from Writing The Phantom".

Throughout the article it features artwork from past and future to come stories by Brazilian artist Wendell Cavalcanti. The 7 insights detailed in the article by Julie Ditrich are:

  1. Writing to the publisher’s brief,

  2. Meeting Phan expectation,

  3. Writing to update the visual storytelling craft,

  4. Writing within the tropes of the action-adventure genre,

  5. Writing to Phantom lore,

  6. Writing to give the artist the opportunity to shine,

  7. Writing within the constraints of the comics medium.

If you want to get hold of a copy, then you'll need to contact the ACA at their website to purchase an issue or become a member.


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