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Fantomen Artist Carlos Pedrazzini Sad Passing

While I was doing some research on the Lambiek Comiclopedia, the world's largest overview of comic artists I discovered that Argentine artist Carlos Pedrazzini actually died in December 2023. I was shocked when I read this.

For Those Who Came in Late, Carlos Pedrazzini drew one of the Phantom comic stories I wrote for the Swedish comic magazine Fantomen. This story was first published in Fantomen 20/2022, titled "Dödliga dinosaurier" ("Deadly Dinosaurs") - The review can be found here. This story has yet to be published by Frew.

My last email exchange with Carlos was in January 2023, and at this point everything seemed to be fine, he even asked for more jobs. But when our editor Jacob Habinc wrote to him in mid-2023 to commission him a new story, Carlos reportedly replied that he had retired. We now know that he was diagnosed with lung cancer.

Carlos started his career in the 1970's and has worked on many successful comic series for the South American and Italian markets over the past fifty years, too many for me to list them all.

In Europe, he was best known for his work on the Italian historical series "Dago". For the Fantomen magazine Carlos Pedrazzini drew the secrect agent series "Mildh & Fromm" written by Fantomen writer Göran Semb (X-Band: The Phantom Podcast interview with Göran Semb), and four The Phantom comics from scripts written by Mikael Sol, Andreas Eriksson, Jörgen Karlsson and myself.

I would have liked him to continue drawing for his audience for many more years, or at least to enjoy his retirement. Now he is hopefully sitting on a cloud up in the sky, playing cards with old friends and colleagues who have gone before him. Or sitting up there at his drawing board.

Carlos Pedrazzini born 8th September 1944 and passed 10th December 2023.

Have a nice trip Carlos!


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