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Episode 57- Göran Semb Interview

Jermayn, Dan and Steve (who unfortunately had to leave due to unforeseen circumstances) conduct an insightful, interesting, and entertaining interview with Egmont author Göran Semb.

Göran will be familiar to Australian Phantom readers with three of his stories being published by Frew: A Bandar's Pride (#1149), The Medicine Man's Daughter (#1724) and Nuclear Terror (#1763). While we’d recommend listeners go back and read those issues if they can, it’s not essential to enjoy the conversation.

Gören provides a fascinating insight into what it takes to have a Phantom story published, the way editors and artists affect the final result, and the influence of Lee Falk on some modern authors.

ChronicleChamber encourages you to check out Goren’s website, his Facebook account and his youtube channel/podcast Seriepodden.


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