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Reviewing the Jam Story: Blood Rain


Thanks to guest ChronicleChamber video reviewer Mikael Lyck, who reviews one of the most anticipated Phantom comics of 2018.

Fantomen 24/2018 features the Egmont created jam story: Blood Rain written by Andreas Eriksson, and extraordinarily drawn by no fewer than eight artists: Sal Velluto, Heiner Bade, Alex Saviuk, Joan Boix, Kari Leppänen, Carlos Pedrazzini, César Spadari, and Rafael Ruiz.

Please note: while attempting not to spoil the narrative, this video does explicitly discuss some elements. Be aware that when you watch the video you will be viewing all pages of the jam story to see the transition of art and therefore by necessity, the structure of the story.

If you do not like spoilers and want to wait for your own copy, or for Frew to publish it, do not watch the below video! (yet)

Not only does Mikael look at the jam story Blood Rain but he also goes through the two back-up stories: A Helping Hand by Alan Sonne being a one page short story and Fantomen Kids: Dread of the Poacher by Mikael Sol and Jan Bielecki. This issue also includes a bonus poster depicting various rooms in the Skull Cave created by Andreas Eriksson, Johanna Lundberg (credited as Lundborg), and Alan Sonne.

This is an issue to ensure you get a hold of.

Many thanks go to Mikael, who we hope to see more of here in the ChronicleChamber..

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