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A Patreon Supporter will Win: Summer 2019

At the start of every season (Spring, Summer, Autumn [Fall] and Winter) we hold a competition for our loyal Patreon supporters.

For the Australian Summer, we have nine (9) signed Frew trading cards to give away to our Patreon winner. The winner gets to choose from the signed cards we have collected.

At the time of writing we have signed cards from American artists in Jeff Weigel and Keith Williams. Australians in Paul Mason, Glenn Lumsden, Jason Paulos, Jamie Johnson, Shane Foley, Daniel Picciotto and Marcelo Baez. As well as other overseas artists including Reno Maraquis, Wendell Cavalcanti and Jan Bielecki.

We have more coming in time for the winner to choose from.

The competition is open exclusively to Patreon supporters of, the fine folk who help keep this website running with their contribution. The competition will be drawn on Sunday the 1st September and announced via video.

How to enter:

  • Current Patreon supporters: Do nothing. You are already entered!

  • Not a current Patreon supporter? Head over to our Patreon page and sign up for as little as $1/month. It's that easy!

The raffle draw is random, and Patreons will be entered at a rate of one ticket for each dollar pledged monthly.

For instance, supporting at $1/month equals one entry; supporting at $5/month equals 5 entries.

Of course, $5/month support also entitles you to access all the Phantom goodies that are stored in our very own Major Treasure Room, the Phantom Preservation Project (P3).

Recent Phantom Happenings

Thanks for subscribing!

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