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Vote for the Best Story Published in Fantomen 2023

Even to non-Swedes this vote is important since it gives Team Fantomen and Egmont's editorial staff information about what type of stories you want to read in future issues. With majority of the Team Fantomen stories included in a Frew comic, It also helps give the Frew editors an idea on what stories to publish.

2023 gave us many good stories to chose from, including:

  • 7x new previously unpublished Team Fantomen stories

  • 8x new previously unpublished newspaper stories

  • 9x new previously unpublished Frew created stories

  • 8x previously published Team Fantomen stories

Three of the previously published Team Fantomen stories have been coloured for the first time in "Fången i Marrakech" ("The Prisoner in Marrakech") by Janne Lundström and Jaime Vallvé, "Tirangis gravplats" ("Tirangi's Burial Ground") by Johan L. Borgnes and Kari Leppänen and "Ku Klux Klan" by Ulf Granberg and Heiner Bade.

What should make this easier for non Fantomen readers to vote is that only seven stories of the 32 published in the 19 comics for 2023 have not before been published by Frew or in English.

How to vote?

Click here to go to If you use Google Chrome you can right click and choose 'Translate To English' (or your own language) and follow the prompts.

The last date to vote is 4th of April and the result will be published in Fantomen 10-11/2023.

As an extra thank you and incentive to vote, Team Fantomen are raffling away 10x I de laglösas land books (review of the book here) plus 10x Stormastarnalar badges and 1x Den hemliga krönikan hardcover album (review of the book here). From past experiences they do post prizes to overseas phans including Australia.

As soon as we hear word about Fantomen's annual Best Cover vote, we will let you know!


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