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Review of Fantomen 25-26/2023

Mikael Lyck from Chronicle Chamber reviews Fantomen 25-26/2023 the last Fantomen comic for the year which features the following stories:

  • "Storstadstrubbel" ("The Ingenues") by Tony DePaul and Jeff Weigel

  • "Fången i Marrakech" ("The Prisoner in Marrakech") by Janne Lundström and Jaime Vallvé

Luca Erbetta's cover feels very different with the Mori girls in focus but The Phantom is still seen clearly as a form of graffiti. Do you like it?

The main story is the Sunday story "Storstadstrubbel" ("The Ingenues") by Tony DePaul and Jeff Weigel

When the Mori youth take an initiation passage, the girls are not allowed so they create their own by going into Morristown/Mawitaan.

The side comic is titled "La Venin" by Laurent Astier still amazing!

The next story is titled "Fången i Marrakech" ("The Prisoner in Marrakech") by Janne Lundström and Jaime Vallvé.

This Team Fantomen classic story takes place after the 19th Phantom and Jane Cary honeymoon, Jane gets kidnapped and The Phantom is not taking that. This story goes in nicely with the Belle Epoque storyline we have seen by Pidde Andersson in both the Frew and Fantomen comics.

Preview of the next issue which is the first of 2024 and it comes out in 2023…

The story is "Slavjägarna från Singh" ("The Singh Raiders") by Andreas Eriksson and Ivan Rodriguez. This story was recently published in Frew in their Anniversary issue, it is good that we get it so close after. You can watch the boys reviewing it here.

In the first issue we will also get the story "La Jeunesse de Thorgal" by Yann and Roman Surzhenko and the poster previewing the publication dates in 2024!

Until next time, Happy Phantoming!

All Fantomen reviews will be included in our monthly X-Band: The Phantom Podcasts. You can find out more at our website and or subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos. Thanks also goes to Jörgen Karlsson for his help creating the Fantomen review intro which will now be featured for all reviews by Mikael Lyck.


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