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The Phantom Play Set Kit by ElastoWit

ElastoWit is a small Ukraine company who create and sell thematic rubberised plastic figure collections in 54mm and 60/65mm sizes. Think the children "army men" or "cowboys and Indian" sets. ElastoWit have nearly 50 different designs ranging from popular pop culture icons like Robocop, Planet of Apes, Ned Kelly, The Island of Dr Moreau and many more.

Added to their range is the new Phantom range which includes Devil. The detail is quiet amazing on such a small size.

The Phantom can be brought in either purple, red, blue, green, gray, brown, tan, fuchsia and Devil can be gray, black or brown. The price for the set of two is currently USD 28,00.

It is worth noting that price is a bit higher than other collectable plastic figures on the market, but as stressed by ElastoWit, they do not cast their kits in thousands, these are very limited series. On their Facebook page, they have noted that most kits are limited to 30-50 odd.

It must be noted that these kits are NOT licensed by King Features Syndicate but the question has been asked about purchasing a license. It was communicated to us that if ElastoWit do acquire the license, a new mould will be designed.

If you look at the photos below, you will notice some flat 2D print outs for the diorama set up. These are printable files that can be requested from ElastoWit. If you would like to order a set, email

The Phantom does not have a rich history in Ukraine, Russia or other Eastern European countries so we had to ask. Serhii March the designer behind the set told us that his history came from comic books given to him from a friend in the the USA. This began a trail of hunting down more comics and an obsession with the character and elements like the Skull Cave, the mission of the generations which saw him make his own set for his personal collection which saw future requests from others.

If you would like to find out more, go to their Facebook page,


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