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Wendell Cavalcanti Releases Art For Sale

Wendell Cavalcanti is a Brazilian artist who has just started having his cover and story art published by Frew Publications in Australia.

We were originally introduced to Wendell in an interview published on ChronicleChamber and we saw his first Phantom work in the story Requiem in the 2019 Annual, released in January 2019. You can watch our video review of the annual here (or below at the bottom of this page) and listen here for our podcast review.

Wendell's styles seemed to really suit Pidde Anderson's story, which was a dark tale set in the horrors of the first World War. He re-introduced us to the Vultures, a welcome return of a classic villainous organisation originally created by Lee Falk.

For many phans, Wendell's art works perfectly with Frew's black and white comic... and now YOU have the opportunity to add some of his original art to your collection!

Wendell has decided to start selling off his original artwork from Requiem . Prices are in AU dollars; each page is approx 42cm x 29.5cm. Pages are priced from $100AU, increasing for the more detailed, action-packed pages which particularly feature the Phantom.

Please note that Wendell lives in Brazil; all art will be shipped from there and payment will be made via an international payment facility like PayPal.

Interested? Go to his Facebook profile and send him an instant message.

Wendell has sent us some examples of the original pages (below), including images scaled against a standard Frew comic for you to judge the size.

There is also a himself with the double cover for Annual 2019 and an interior page. Please note, at this stage the cover drawn by Wendell is not be on sale.

ChronicleChamber's video review of the Frew 2019 Annual including the story from the artistic talent of Wendell and here for our podcast review.

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