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P3 Continues to Grow

We're a week or so behind schedule because of a certain CC member's trip overseas, but finally we have for you the latest update of the Phantom Preservation Project (P3)!

We're excited at the way this collection of Phantom history is growing. Indeed, in the last month we've actually had to upgrade our Google Drive storage to accommodate it all!

In total we have over 15GB of data live and ready to access.

Newest inclusions in the P3 -

We have a bunch of videos, including:

- Phantom 2040 game advertising

- interviews with artists

- vision of artists inking

There's also a swathe of print material, including:

- newspaper articles

- promotional material for the 1943 Phantom serial

- advertising for The Phantom Art Show, and

- ANOTHER FOUR ISSUES of the famous Friends of the Phantom newsletter!!

All of this joins the existing files, which includes the complete second season of Phantom 2040, complete collections of newsletters from the Independent Phantom Club of Australia, the Official Phantom Club of Australia, and now 13 of the 24 newsletters from the American Friends of The Phantom.

Existing Patreons have already received their message granting them access to the P3. We hope they enjoy sifting through all this Phantom goodness :)

Any phans who sign up to the $5 / month level of support will also be granted immediate access to this vast array of Phantom video, audio, print material, games, artwork......

There are of course greater rewards for the awesome people who are happy to sign up for the $20 or $50 / month levels, which is all outlined on the Patreon page.

So, head over to our Patreon page and as we always say - Happy Phantoming!

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Thanks for subscribing!

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