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Preservation Project Update - Friends of The Phantom

Hello fellow Phans, and welcome to 2018!

For our first update to the Preservation Project this year we've been able to provide you with several issues of the classic, largely informative Friends of The Phantom newsletter. These newsletter contain interviews with many Phantom creators as well as original art and lot more.

Secondly, all versions of the classic Phantom 2040 video game have been added, along with links to emulators which will allow you to play them on our PC, Mac, iOS or Android device.

As with our previous Preservation Project content, this is only available to our Patrons who are on the $5 tier or higher. If you'd like to join our Patreon and gain access to the Project, you can do so HERE, or read more about the Project HERE.

Happy New Year.

Recent Phantom Happenings

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