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Preserving the Phantom: October 2019

Chronicle Chamber's Phantom Preservation Project (P3) has been given a massive boost in the last month or so, with Jermayn sourcing an absolute treasure trove of Phantom history.

Keeping his ear to the ground as always, Jermayn was able to save a few boxes of newspaper clippings and other assorted Phantom curiosities, available "clutter" after the estate sale of a devoted phan and collector.

With the assistance of Phantom phans and Chronicle Chamber Patreon supporters, we have been able to begin the process of digitising these for the enjoyment of phans phorevermore.

The first installment of these dropped today in our October update of the P3, with no fewer than 27 Phantom-related newspaper articles added. 15 are from Australia (circa 2003-2014), while there are also pieces from Italy, New Zealand, Norway and the USA.

Another absolute highlight this month is a ten-minute video featuring the founders of Friends of the Phantom, Pete Klaus and Ed Rhoades, as they host a History of The Phantom session.

We've also been able to add two more Friends of the Phantom newsletters - #11 and #20. This means we now have a complete run from issues #10-24, with only four more single digit issues left to find!

On top of this. we've also included both publications of Kid Phantom: Homework; the 2017 (GFS student) and 2019 (public) release. We promise, there is a subtle variation!

And as a bit of fun we also have two more Phantom songs from Sweden, as well as a phan-made video featuring a (time-stamped) interview with Stan Lee.

Check out the 7-page Index for a full list of all the Phantom goodies we've been able to preserve.

Full access to read, view and download these files is available exclusively to our $5/month Patreon supporters.

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