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The Phantom on Display

Two of the best The Phantom gallery exhibitions of recent times are back in 2017!

In Australia, three years after Bradley Peach's Phantom collection was displayed at the Albury museum, it is back!

And on the other side of the globe, the hugely successful Swedish exhibition curated by Martin Dahlström that started in 2016 will return. This time the display is solely focused on, in my opinion, the most underrated Phantom artist: Wilson McCoy.

Dahlström's 2016 exhibition is considered small compared to what is planned for 2017 at the cultural city Borås prestigious Art Museum just outside of Gothenburg. This will be the world's largest full-length presentation of Wilson McCoy in a museum context from Saturday February 11 to end of May.

McCoy art featured in the 2016 exhibition

Some of the features of the exhibition will be several McCoy images in giant billboard format. The entire collection clearly shows how McCoy inspired art through and after his lifetime. It will all be housed in a 300 square metre space - 10 times bigger than the 2016 exhibition.

Meanwhile, Bradley Peach's exhibition may not be bigger than his previous one in 2014, but it will still be worth attending with his wonderful collection from the around the world and throughout the years on display. The exhibition will also be interactive with some amazing Fun days!

There will be three wall spaces of artwork (one wall will include a panel from each of Luke McDonnell’s 1989-1990 DC Series, plus a commission of the Phantom on the Skull Throne; 14 artworks in total from McDonnell). There will also be about eight display cabinets of The Phantom memorabilia throughout the Library. One will include the Albury Wodonga Phantom Softball Team.

Bradley and Joyful Peach opening the 2014 Exhibition

Peach's exhibition will run from Saturday 14 January to Saturday 4 March 2017. The BIG day worth attending is on 25 February with a Phantom Fun Morning and a tour by Bradley Peach - details in the image below.

The other events are: Mask Making - Tuesday 17 January. 2:30pm-3:30pm Constructing a Comic - Thursday 19 January. 2:30pm-3:30pm

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