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Wick Publications #3 and #4 Now Out

Wick Publications released issue #1 and #2 June 2022 but due to circumstances the next issues have not been released since. These issues were sold out and very popular in Germany but also throughout other countries.

We have just received word from the publisher that the series has started again and issue #3 and #4 are now out. One of these comics will feature a previously unpublished story created nearly 40 years ago and now being published for the first time.

Peter Mennigen is the writer and José María Ortiz Tafalla is the art behind the stories. Keen phans will notice the covers are drawn by Ertuğrul Edirne a Turkish cover artist currently living in Germany and originally featured on the Büyülü Çizgi Roman Turkish series.

The cover and details of the next two issues coming out are:

Issue Three

Title: "Die Kronjuwelen" (G206) and "Flucht von der 'Teufelsinsel'" (G215)

Original Bastei Issue: Unpublished and #236

Issue Four

Title: "Jones‘ Tiershow" (G184) and "Der Racheschwur" (G198)

Original Bastei Issue: #211 and #232

If you would like to learn more about the series, the creators and publisher behind the stories, follow these links:


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