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Review of Wick Publications #2

Christian Moller reviews the Wick Publications #2 which features the following stories:

  • "Die Spione von Paris" ("The Spies from Paris") by Peter Mennigen and José María Ortiz Tafalla

  • "Die Göttin des Todesvulkans" ("The Goddess of the Volcano") by Peter Mennigen and José María Ortiz Tafalla

These stories were originally published in Bastei issues #209 and #229. Of course this printing and production is much better.

You have to purchase these from the publisher directly, you can contact Ulrich Wick via his website.

A great cover by Ertuğrul Edirne who is a Turkish cover artist currently living in Germany. These stories originally featured on the Büyülü Çizgi Roman Turkish series.

Some highlights of this publication series are the paper and print quality. The print run is smaller than most comic of only 700 copies.

To learn more about these comics and stories being produced by Wick, we suggest you read these articles:

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