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Revealed the Contents & Covers of the Wick Publications 12 Issue Series

16th June is when the first comic from the new Wick Publications series will be released. Thanks to publisher and owner Ulrich Wick we have been given the contents of the twelve issues along with the covers.

Wick Publications will release 22 Phantom stories written by the amazing team of Peter Mennigen and José María Ortiz Tafalla. The first two issues will be released at the Erlangen Comics Festival.

The best thing about this series is that five of these 22 stories have never been previously published which is a huge exclusive and exciting for Phantom nerds like us. One of the five is the full comic version of "The Slaves" story which is what previously appeared in prose format in Bastei Freunde #50.

These stories were being created when Bastei stopped the publication at comic issue #238 and why until now they have never been seen by the general public.

The details of the comics are:

Issue One

  • Title: "Die Todeskralle" (G179) and "Die Sklaven" (G223)

  • Original Bastei Issue: #216 and originally planned for #242

Issue Two

  • Title: "Die Spione von Paris" (G181) and "Die Göttin des Todesvulkans" (G209)

  • Original Bastei Issue: #209 and #229

Issue Three

  • Title: "Die Kronjuwelen" (G206) and "Flucht von der 'Teufelsinsel'" (G215)

  • Original Bastei Issue: Unpublished and #236

Issue Four

  • Title: "Jones‘ Tiershow" (G184) and "Der Racheschwur" (G198)

  • Original Bastei Issue: #211 and #232

Issue Five

  • Title: "Die Sensationsreportage" (G218) and "Der Piratenfreund" (G210)

  • Original Bastei Issue: Originally planned for #239 and #230

Issue Six

  • Title: "Die Uranfalle" (G133)

  • Original Bastei Issue: Special #37

Issue Seven

  • Title: "Der Zyklop" (G212) and "Der Gefangene" (G196)

  • Original Bastei Issue: #235 and #223

Issue Eight

  • Title: "Der Doppelgänger" (G190) and "Das Rennen" (G219)

  • Original Bastei Issue: #218 and originally planned for #240

Issue Nine

  • Title: "Die Bergkrieger" (G187) and "Der Schatz des Wandelnden Geistes" (G182)

  • Original Bastei Issue: #226 and #210

Issue Ten

  • Title: "Die Hexenjagd" (G225) and "Der Zwillingsbruder" (G202)

  • Original Bastei Issue: Originally planned for #244 and #225

Issue Eleven

  • Title: "Der Wüstenprinz" (G176) and "Der Hexer von Manhattan" (G213)

  • Original Bastei Issue:#204 and #234

Issue Twelve

  • Title: "Die Falle am Highway" (G147)

  • Original Bastei Issue: #237

These stories were produced by Studio Ortega in Barcelona, Spain and to keep track every comic that was produced there received a production number, that roughly shows the production order. The "G number" included above most likely stands for Germania or Germany. We have kept these here for the Phantom nerds who will find it interesting.

For the five unpublished stories the planned issues that Ulrich has been able to identify are mentioned.

Here are the 12 covers that will be featured in the series. Keen phans will notice they are drawn by Ertuğrul Edirne a Turkish cover artist currently living in Germany and originally featured on the Büyülü Çizgi Roman Turkish series.

Chronicle Chamber will be posting reviews of these comics as they get published and inserted into every X-Band: The Phantom Podcast.


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