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Where on Earth are the Australian Boss Fight Studio & NECA Figurines?

Has anyone else noticed that the Boss Fight Studio and NECA 'Original Superhero' figurines have not yet made their way into many Australian shops and phans hands? Some shops have received stocked limited stock but it has been very sporadic and for many phans, they are still waiting.

From what we understand due to a dispute between NECA and Ikon Collectables, they wont be stocking anything new from NECA anymore. Ikon Collectables was the NECA wholesaler for almost the last two decades and because of the contract dispute they have now parted ways which has dire outcomes for Australian phans.

This has caused distribution issues with many shops like EB Games, Zing, Popcultcha, Cult Collectables and others with new NECA stock including the new Phantom 'Original Superhero' range. You may have noticed this Phantom figurine with the striped underpants has not appeared on many websites.

Some stores will get limited NECA stock in but you will have to hunt around for them.

Today (August 2022) we have received word that several companies have received stock of Boss Fight Studio figurines so expect pre orders to be filled and more phans receiving their copies in the upcoming weeks. This delay of the Boss Fight Studio figurines was originally caused by the Australia distributor.

If you are an Australian phan we suggest you shop around on the list of world wide retailers we posted previously. Some may not get both in stock but many will.

Once we have received our copy of the Phantom and Hero figurine, we will also provide a review on it. Below are our past figurine reviews:


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