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Boss Fight Studio Phantom Wave 1.0 Phantom Figurines Review

We review the long awaited Phantom 4 inch figurines from Boss Fight Studio's featuring the 21st Phantom in purple and Julie Walker the 17th Phantoms brother in blue. The wait is worth it as they are amazing.

If you would like to purchase these, you can via their website or via several other online and physical stores - click here for a full list of what he have found.

Everything from the repackaging method which keeps collectors in mind to the quality design from Loston Wallace and everything in between is quality. We know Boss Fight Studio had problems due to COVID 19 but once you look past those problems what they have produced is top quality.

I personally prefer these over the NECA figurines but that is personal preference. There are no problems with joints, you have the stand which allows the figurines to stand up and be posed and the detail in the weapons is perfect.

If you would like to buy your own, go visit this website for a list of companies around the world who are selling them on their website or in their stores.


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