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Video Review: Frew Generations Trading Cards

We present our video review of the Frew Generations Trading Cards.

27 cards of the past, present and future (dare we say phuture?) Phantoms including the twins Kit jnr, Heloise, 2040, Defenders of the Earth Phantoms and the robotic Phantom which debut in a Frew comic in issue #1893.

I have given these cards a 4.5 Good Marks out of five.

The artwork by Jeff Weigel is top class - he has a great style and is a perfectionist in the way he draws. Even if you do not like the different style Phantom costumes which we first saw in 191st Sunday story "The Visitor" his artwork works as product and will be a great addition to any phans collection.

The visual aspect of the cards are top notch, each card (even the index 28th card) is printed and shiny as a chase trading card. The price tags means each card is less than $2 each which is quality for money.

The highlight card for me is the 2040 card, with the clouds and the buildings in the background, it gives the card a 3D effect. I would have personally liked to see the 13th Phantom and the 6th Phantom card design feature what they are famous for. The 13th Phantom has been dubbed as the finest swordsman but is carrying a knife and the 6th Phantom founded the Jungle Patrol.

The only real negative I have is I do not personally agree with some of the information on the back of each card giving the phan a brief biography on each Phantom.

The cards have the 4th Phantom marrying Princess Pura. The only Lee Falk story featuring her by name is the 122nd Phantom Sunday story titled "The Third Phantom" featuring the 3rd Phantom marrying Pura. Lee Falk has mentioned in past stories that the 4th and 11th also married an Indian maharajah's daughter which is where it gets confusing.

You can find out more about Pura, the 3rd, 4th and 11th Phantom on our recent X-Band: The Phantom Podcast Episode #213.

It must be said I agree with the plan of merging the Lee Falk and Team Fantomen universes together and apart from the small personal disagreements they have done a top job. More on the hardship of merging the universes to come.

As you can see, Frew have produced a top quality product that we would recommend any phan add to their collection.


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