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Frew Release "The Phantom Generations Cards"

Frew Publications has announced a new product to go with their generations poster that was a great success. This time it is a set of 27 cards featuring all Phantoms past, present and from the future (phuture).

The themed costumes has been greatly accepted widely after being shown in the Sunday story "The Visitor". What also is beginning to be accepted is the official timeline which is taken from the Phantom Wiki and merges Lee Falk and Team Fantomen universes.

Ad described by Frew these cards have been printed in a typical ‘chase card’ style, with an opaque-white backed Phantom printed over a silver aluminium foil background, making it literally 27 chase cards in the full set... collected in 9-pocket clear Ultra-pro sleeves.

It is worth noting that there is also uncut sheets of these cards which can be brought here.

You may be asking 27 cards but there is only 21 Phantoms. The extra cards are:

  • Kit jnr (future 22nd)

  • Heloise (future 22nd)

  • Julie Walker (17th Phantoms twin sister)

  • Defenders of the Earth Phantom

  • Phantom 2040

  • The Phantom from "Forever" which was published in Frew #1893

The "Forever" story features the first of a futuristic robotic Phantom after the last Phantom died. An interesting concept that was discussed in a X-Band: The Phantom Podcast Episode #190.

Below are a set of the images including the sale card and examples of each card.

We will do a full review of the cards in a week or so when they arrive in our hot little hands. Have you ordered your set yet?


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