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Frew Releases a New Phantom Generation Poster

This picture of the Phantom 21 Generations all together has been one of the most popular images ever since phan Simon Treschow posted it online. That image has been viewed 23,000 odd times as it was shared all through out the Phantom world.

The story behind the poster is as fascinating as the image itself.

Tony DePaul wrote the currently-running Sunday Phantom storyline concerning the newly-constructed "Hall of Costumes" in Skull Cave. The Hall displays all the Phantom costumes from previous generations. It seemed to me that it would be pointless (and dull, and narratively confusing) to construct a hall filled with 21 identical Phantom costumes, so I consulted with Tony on the idea of making variations to the costumes to reflect their different eras. He gave the idea his blessing.

So I designed some historically-aligned variations in the few costumes Phantom references in the story. I thought the variations were a minor detour in the legend for the purposes of one story. Then a Phan contacted me to request a piece of commissioned art displaying all the costume variations across the ages. That was an offer I couldn't turn down. (Incidentally, that Phan did the research to come up with the dates shown on this image.) After the original art was sent off to the buyer, I offered the image to my friends at Frew to see if they'd like to buy the digital image for use as a cover. Glenn Ford jumped at the offer and so this print of the image is now available from the Frew gang.

The first time we saw the "Hall of Costumes" in the Skull Cave was April 25, 2021.

According to a Facebook post by Frew they were originally going to sell this poster at the June 2021 Sydney Supanova before they decided not to attend due to the COVID pandemic.

Have you brought a poster?

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Sep 12, 2021

Terrific idea! So many elements of Phantom history have too be revised as the strip endures through the decades - why not some that may not be necessary per se but are just a really nice idea!


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