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The Phantom (Again) Appears on (Australian) ABC's Hard Quiz TV Show

Wednesday 4 October 2023 on the award winning TV show Hard Quiz, Maria Lewis was again challenged on her Phantom knowledge. You may remember Maria from her Phantom Never Dies Podcast and her 2022 Supanova panel with Matt Kyme (link to Episode #215).

Maria was first challenged Wednesday 9 November 2022 and this episode was the show's 200th episode of Hard Quiz and is named the Battle of the Duds! Tom Gleeson invites four failed contestants to humiliate themselves again. Vying for the Dud Mug are experts in The Phantom, Miles Davis, Easy Rider, and Adolf Hitler.

How did you go with the quiz? Did you get the five questions right? If you miss the episode you can catch up on their website and ABC iView on Australian smart or digital TVs. Please note, the link will only work if you live in Australia or are handy at being a Singh Pirate.

The five questions are:

  1. The Phantom hold's the Guinness World Record for being the first of what kind of comic strip?

  2. The longest running Phantom comic series is Frew Publications and is published in what country?

  3. The role of the Phantom is past down to the Phantom's children. Except for the 17th Phantom who was temporary replaced by which relative?

  4. In the 1988 comic collaborative with the Australian Electrical Commission. What civil duty does the Phantom learn?

  5. The Phantom's jungle home is a cave shaped in what human bone structure?

Will be interesting to watch and for us phans to test your Phantom knowledge against the contestants knowledge.

Thank you to Luke Verri and Maria and others who let us know about the Phantom making an appearance on mainstream media.


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