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Review of Lion - Muthu Comics Phantom Hardcover Book #2

Lion - Muthu Comics produced an excellent series of Hardcover books containing stories of characters like The Phantom, Mandrake The Magician, Rip Kirby etc last year. This year they are back with volume two of their hardcover books.

This Phantom book like the previous one, is hardbound and has a cover done by Turkish artist Ertuğrul Edirne with the cover taken from the book 'Kizilmaske 7'. It is also kept in the original colours like the last cover.

The first and last pages of the book features artworks by Ertuğrul Edirne, Norm Breyfogle, Eugenio Mattozzi, Antonio Lemos and of course Sy Barry with a picture of him.

The book features a total number of ten Lee Falk and Sy Barry Sunday and Daily stories. Eight stories are Sundays, while two are Dailies. The stories featured in the book are as follows:

  • "எல்லாம் கேளிக்கையே" (romanized as "Ellam Kelikkaiye"; The Lions of Kukhan") by Lee Falk and Sy Barry.

  • "விண்ணில் ஒரு எத்தர் கும்பல்" (romanized as "Vinnil Oru Eththar Kumbal"; The Super-Jet Gang") by Lee Falk and Sy Barry.

  • "காதலுக்கு உயரமில்லை" (romanized as "Kathalukku Uyaramillai"; The Little Ones") by Lee Falk and Sy Barry.

  • "கறுப்புத் தங்கக் கொள்ளை" (romanized as "Karupputh thangak kollai"; The Black Gold Pirates") by Lee Falk and Sy Barry.

  • "ஹைட்ரா படலம்" (romanized as "Haitra padalam"; The Hydra") by Lee Falk and Sy Barry.

  • "முன்னோரின் கதை" (romanized as "Munnorin kathai"; Walker's Table") by Lee Falk and Sy Barry.

  • "கடத்தல் படலம்" (romanized as "Kataththal padalam"; The Hijackers") by Lee Falk and Sy Barry.

  • "மலையில் ஒரு மர்மம்" (romanized as "Malaiyil oru marmam"; The Missing Link") by Lee Falk and Sy Barry.

  • "வெறியர் நகரம்" (romanized as "Veriyar Nagaram"; Luaga's Undercover Tour") by Lee Falk and Sy Barry.

  • "மோசடி மன்னன்" (romanized as "Mosadi Mannan"; The Mission") by Lee Falk and Sy Barry.

The book is a great production as the first one. It is good for any Phantom collectors especially the Tamil readers.

The book can be purchased by contacting Lion-Muthu Comics on their Facebook page or WhatsApp. I also recommend to get in touch with a Tamil Phantom fan to obtain it.


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