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My Experience on the Chronicle Chamber Phantom Quiz (X-Band Episode #207)

My name is Seuj Abir from India. I am 17 years old (at date of December 2021) and I have been a phan of the Phantom since 2013. I remember my father introducing me to the Phantom as one of the favorite characters from his childhood. From then on I have been continuously reading, collecting and learning about the Phantom and trying to introduce people to him as well.

Being a phan of the Phantom, I always wanted to meet the phans all around the world. I always wanted to know how they got introduced to him, to know about their collection and why do they love him etc.

That’s how I came across the Chronicle Chamber website. I found it while I was surfing the internet. I found the articles and videos there really enjoyable and informative. From then I always wanted to contact the Chronicle Chamber team. But I hesitated because of my limitation in English communication. After a long period of time I got to send a few emails to them and some of them actually got a response, and it gave me immense pleasure.

When I saw the announcement of them holding a quiz on the Phantom on their website and social media, I immediately decided to join it. I was worried a little bit but was still confident. Most importantly

I was happy that I will be able to meet some of my favorite peoples on the internet. I absolutely couldn’t wait for 17th December to come; I remember thinking about the quiz the whole week. I felt excited and was also scared. And finally the day came! I remember that morning I was eagerly waiting for 3.30 PM. I couldn’t even study that day and was just reading Phantom comics.

I joined the meeting 10 minutes before it was supposed to start. Because of that I got to talk to them and got to provide my introduction. We also had a fun conversion about my name being butchered.

At first there were five competitors on the ‘Kahoot!’ app. But only three stayed for the final

game. Two of those competitors Mr. Mikael Lyck from Sweden and myself were present on the live zoom call. Another competitor Mr. Marcus played only on the Kahoot App.

It is a bit disappointing that no other phans were interested to take part in that quiz. I feel like it would have been a fun experience for all of us. But I saw a lot of people playing the quiz on the app after it was made public. Probably they weren’t comfortable to take part in the quiz for more than one hour.

The quizmaster and the question designer for the quiz was Mr. Stephen East. Also Mr. Jermayn

Parker and Mr. Dan Fraser provided remarks between the questions too. Mr. East did a great job

conducting the quiz; his efforts brought the quiz a great feel.

The quiz was divided in four rounds and each round had 10 questions . So a total number of 40 questions were asked. The rounds were The Newspapers, Publishers, Chronicle Chamber and

Random in a speed round.

Where questions related to concern topics were asked. The numbering system was based on the

answerer’s speed, meaning the quicker one gets more marks. At the first three rounds the time limit was 20 seconds and the final round it was reduced to10 seconds.

It was a really interesting and I really enjoyed it. The perfectly designed questions were sometimes hard, sometimes very easy. I learned a lot of new things from the hard ones. The competition between the players were really tough and I really loved it.

Between the questions I got to learn a lot of things from the remarks made. I also realized no matter what our ages are we love the character in the same way. It was really a fun conversation. They were kind enough to listen to me too.

At the end I have to say that I am honored to secure the first position in the live quiz. Thanks to

Chronicle Chamber for featuring me in that episode of X-Band The Phantom Podcast. It is an honor for me.

Have to say I have learned a lot from this quiz not just about the Phantom but other things as well. I feel like these meet ups between phans should be hosted every year. It was just a great experience and I will never forget it.


Editors Note: Thank you Seuj Abir for joining us and writing this article. Sorry for butchering your name and glad you enjoyed the quiz and it didn't ruin your experience.

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