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Review of Fantomen 8/2023

Mikael Lyck from Chronicle Chamber reviews Fantomen 8/2023 featuring the following stories:

  • "I skräckens skugga" ("The Shadow of Fear") by Jörgen Karlsson and Carlos Pedrazzini

Featuring a cover by Henrik Jonsson, which is his first cover he has drawn for Fantomen for 7 years. The Phantom looks quiet green and is very striking.

A new writer in this issue Jörgen Karlsson, can find out more about him in an interview here conducted by us. He is the creator behind Karl Kämpe The Adventurer which has been included as a side comic in several Fantomen comics. He also received some TV coverage which is great.

Carlos Pedrazzini is the artist for this new story written by Jörgen Karlsson.

The story has great colours. The story is about bandits who encounter the Phantom and the story is from their point of view instead which is a nice change. I would like to see more stories from Jörgen.

The side comic story is "Libertalia" by Fabienne Pigière, Rudi Miel, and Paolo Grella and I have enjoyed parts and been confused at the same time. Looking forward to finishing this story.

Issue 9/2023 will have a Frankenstein story featuring the 17th Phantom by Joan Boix in black and white.

Until next time, Happy Phantoming!

All Fantomen reviews will be included in our monthly X-Band: The Phantom Podcasts. You can find out more at our website and or subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos. Thanks also goes to Jörgen Karlsson for his help creating the Fantomen review intro which will now be featured for all reviews by Mikael Lyck.


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