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X-Band: Phantom Podcast #247 - Playing in Lee Falk's Sandbox

We have some phun (with a PH) and discuss playing in Lee Falk’s sandbox. The concept of playing in a sandbox is about playing with someone else’s creation, ie the Phantom. Jermayn Parker, Stephen East and Dan Fraser are joined with Shane Foley and Matt Kyme who are two creators who thrive playing in the sandbox.

All creators go some way into adding the “toys” that creators can play with in the sandbox. However today we’re getting a bit more specific. Today we’re discussing how creators utilise specific stories to create their own sandboxes to play in. We’ll be focusing mainly on Lee Falk stories.

Some of the topics we discussed are:

  • Both creators using oodles of Lee Falk story references. For example Frew #1938/9 had three story references.

  • How they get these ideas of adding or filling gaps in past stories.

  • Why Lee Falk stories and not Tony DePaul or the Team Fantomen stories.

  • Why is Lee Falk important to them.

  • Do you like the Fantastical Lee Falk stories?

  • How do you pay tribute to his stories?

  • Do you see your work as 'Lore'?

  • What are some pitfalls of you must look out for when playing in the sandbox?

  • Would Shane Foley ever create stories with Kit and Heloise?

  • Do you use the Phantom Bible?

  • Shane Foley's defense of the 9th Phantom and him being portratyed as the 'Runt'?

  • Their upcoming projects

  • Are Matt Kyme and Shane Foley coming to Sydney Supanova in 2023?

Others who have spoken about the sandbox concept include Paul Mason and Jeff Weigel, we recommend giving their podcasts a re-listen for some other perspectives on the topic

I hope you phans enjoyed that. We would love to hear your thoughts via YouTube Channel and or social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter and or Instagram). You can also email us at

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