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Phantom Preservation Project - latest additions

Look, there's no denying that it's been too long between drinks when it comes to updating the Phantom Preservation Project (P3). The reality is that digitising the almost 90-year history of The Phantom and all the various 'references to' or 'appearances of' that our favourite character makes is a monumental task that involves a very serious undertaking.

It's also worth noting that the collection of resources was already very substantial! The sheer gigabytes of data we're compiling here has meant we've had to upgrade plans and increase memory space available.

That said, in recognition of the multiple months since our last update, we've tried to make this update a significant one, with a bumper crop of Phantom goodness to satisfy your purple crack addiction.

So without further ado, the new files immediately available to Patreon supporters include:

  • Two letters replying to phans from American artist Don Newton

  • A huge range of magazine articles from the 1970’s to current day:

    • 1976 - The Charlton News (Bullseye) Vol2 No5 (USA)

    • 1982 - Bild & Bubbla - Interview with Ulf Granberg (Sweden)

    • 1984 - People Magazine (Aust) "The Ghost Who Walks in Australia"

    • 1993 - Truth (Aust) "Oddballs up the Election"

    • 2002 - Comic Book Artist #22 - Interview with George Wilson (USA)

    • 2004 - Alter Ego Vol 3, Issue 37 June 2004 - Interview with Sy Barry (USA)

    • 2005 - Draw! #10 - Interview with Graham Nolan (USA)

    • 2005 - Alter Ego #53 - Letter from Jostein Hansen re Phantom ghost artists

    • 2006 - Back Issue magazine (Unsung Heroes issue) - Don Newton

    • 2021 - Inkspot #94 - Summer 2021-22 feat Glenn Lumsden Interview pt1

    • 2022 - Infinity Magazine Nov 2022 (UK)

  • 10 additional newspaper articles from various Australian newspapers from the 1980s and 1990s (now almost 150 total Australian newspaper articles available!)

  • Phantom cameo appearances in comic strips:

    • Beyond the Black Stump

    • Legend of Bill

  • Various video files, including:

    • Advertising:

      • 1994 Sweden TV Commercial For Pagers

    • Video taken at public events:

      • 2019 (April) Paul Mason @ Gold Coast Supanova

      • 2020 (25 July) - Reimagining Mandrake The Magician with Erica Schultz - Comic-Con@Home

      • 2022 (June) FREW owner Rene White’s Presentation to the Australian Writers Association

      • History of The Phantom (part 2) - Phantom forum hosted by Pete Klaus & Ed Rhoades

    • Phan made videos:

      • Retrospective - YouTuber Review - The Phantom (1996)

      • Digital Paint "The Phantom" (Drawing in Photoshop)

    • and a couple of mainstream television quiz show appearances in Australia:

      • 2022 Australia ABC Hard Quiz - Series 7 Ep 23

      • 2023 Australia ABC Hard Quiz - Series 8 Battle of the Duds

For access to the tremendous treasure trove that is the Phantom Preservation Project, please see our Patreon page here.


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