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Introducing - The Phantom Preservation Project

Today, I’m very happy to announce the Phantom Preservation Project.

The Phantom Preservation Project, or P3 as I like to call it (cause I’m a nerd), is planned to be a repository for all out-of-print Phantom media. Newspaper articles, phan club newsletters, music from decades ago, no-longer-published magazines and more will be housed here for generations of phans to enjoy. There is a a lot of Phantom stuff out there though, so this will be an on-going, ever evolving project! However, we already have a heap of stuff on there for you to check out including -

  • Newsletters from the Official Phantom Phan Club of Australia

  • Newsletters from the Independent Phantom Phan Club of Australia

  • A heap of newspaper articles about the 1996 Phantom film

  • Decades worth of Phantom-inspired music

  • The long-lost Phantom: Ghost Who Walks video game

  • And more!

P3 was something Jermayn and I discussed waaaay back, even before X-Band was a thing. However, at the time we weren’t really sure how we’d implement it or even if we could. The idea remained on the back burner for a long time until we discovered Patreon. We’d figured that with the cost of hosting such a large amount of files as P3 would entail we simply couldn’t afford it. However, thanks to all of our generous Patrons we can now bring this idea to fruition. That’s right, P3 has been made possible completely because of those of you who support the site with your donations!

Due to this the Project will be exclusively available Patron members (of the $5 tier or higher)! We chose to go this was because we wanted a special way to say "thank you" to those who support ChronicleChamber with their wallets. This is not a way for us to make money; every cent donated to the Patron goes straight back into the site to ensure we can continue to bring you the best content we possible can.

We hope everyone finds the Phantom Preservation Project as exciting as we do! We’ll constantly be adding to it in order to preserve as much Phantom history as possible so be sure to keep checking back for updates!


- Joe

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