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Phantom Creators Showcasing Their Artwork At the International Instalment of ACE! (Australian Comics Exhibition) in China

ACE! Australian Comics Exhibition in partnership with the Australian Consulate-General in Chengdu, China are exhibiting 20 local Australian creators in China. This is the 4th international instalment of ACE! Australian Comics Exhibition.

Their aim is to promote local artists, giving them the opportunity to reach international audiences and introduce their original styles and approaches to the medium. With a focus on highlighting the diversity and multiculturalism of Australian identity, we have selected exceptionally talented individuals who explore a range of themes using various forms of expression.

Among the 20 creators, several are well known to the wider public and two have drawn the Phantom for Frew in Paul Mason and Marceki Baez.

In chatting with Paul, we can confirm that some of his Phantom work (Masked Marvel sequel, Phantom in Vietnam and Fury part 1) were submitted. As at the time of writing this article, there are no known Phantom published comics from China meaning that there is a big chance that some people will see the Phantom for their first time.

Exhibition Opening: January 27, Fang Suo Commune, Chengdu

Open to the public with free entry until February 29.

The exhibition will take place in Fangsuo Commune, Chengdu’s leading bookstore and cultural space. The exhibition launch program will feature workshops for art students and younger artists, providing an engaging and innovative experience for people in Chengdu.


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