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X-Band: Phantom Podcast #228 - Paul Mason & Masked Marvel

Jermayn Parker, Dan Fraser and Stephen East join forces again to discuss with phan phav creator Paul Mason on his latest Frew Publications created story. The story has a lot of phans excited as it is a sequel to the Lee Falk and Wilson McCoy "The Masked Marvel".

We go through why Paul Mason loves the story, this era and the boxing themes in many classic Phantom stories. Paul also highlights the many Easter Eggs including past boxing legends from the world & Australia and friends who get a billing on a boxing poster. You may have found a few names including Glenn Ford and Rene White, the co owners of Frew Publications as well as the hosts for the X-Band: The Phantom Podcast,

We did have some technical problems but the viewing and listening is still fine. There is also the odd swear word dropped during the podcast - nothing you would not hear at the school yard or work place but we want to declare it up front.

We want your feedback on this story and the podcast with Paul Mason. You can email us at or chat with us via our social media profiles with your feedback at Facebook, Twitter and or Instagram.

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