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Major Error in Hermes Press Phantom Dailies Volume 29

Hermes Press has over the weekend put out a press release about a mistake that made its way into their Phantom Dailies Volume #29. The press release reads:

To our Phans: It was recently brought to our attention by a Phan via email that our most recently published Dailies reprint, Volume 29, has a significant error. Due to our error, the Phantom story “The Poachers” (July 21, 1980 – November 1, 1980) was omitted from the book. It should have been either the last story of Volume 28 or the very first story of Volume 29. We have no excuses for this negligence. While we have recently brought on new staff to work on the series, the fault lies with us for not looking more closely. We apologize. In an effort to make this right, we are doing two things. Because Volume 30 is already at the printer, we are going to run “The Poachers” as the first story (with notation) for Volume 31. We will also be providing a link on our website and social media accounts for a free download of the missing story so that everyone can read it as soon as possible. That should be going live early next week. We realize this is a huge problem, and wanted to be as transparent as possible with you, our fans, because we know that you are the ones who will miss out due to our mistake. Thank you for supporting us, and we promise such a mistake will not happen again.


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