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X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #99 - Interview with Hermes Press

A little while ago we had the opportunity to ask Six Quick Questions of the crew at Hermes Press. Their answers were so effusive we just knew that there was a number of slower questions to ask in a recorded podcast!

In a wide-ranging and thought-provoking interview, the ChronicleChamber team picks the brains of the American publishers of The Phantom: Dan Herman and Sabrina Herman of Hermes Press.

It's a long chat for sure, so it's worth tuning in and spending the time to get a full understanding of Hermes Press and who they are. To begin with, Dan details his history as a publisher and the origin of the company.

Dan also takes through the publishing process in great detail, including the difficulty in getting print-worthy material gathered together. He is also good enough to answer the hard questions around delays in publications, pre-orders and the like.

What we should have realised but is perhaps not widely known is that Dan is a massive collector are well as being a publisher, so we also get a fascinating insight into his collection of Phantom art.

So all in all a fascinating conversation and one we will reflect on many times over the next few weeks and months,

You can also watch the Skype conversation in the Youtube clip below.

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