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Introducing The Phantom 2040 Archive

If you’ve been following ChronicleChamber since the early days, you’ll know what an absolutely huge fan of Phantom 2040 I am. From the series to the video game to the collectables, it’s one of my favourite aspects of the wider Phantom world.

Well, I recently put that passion into a project that I’d been thinking about for some time. I’d like to present to you all… the Phantom 2040 Archive.

As the name suggests, the goal of the site is to archive as much information and as many resources about Phantom 2040 as possible. Some of that has appeared here on CC and other places, but the 2040 Archive arranges it all into one convenient space for all fellow 2040 fans to enjoy.

Some of the things you’ll be able to find on the Archive are

  • Full information about the TV series

  • Full episode descriptions

  • A full walkthrough to achieve the elusive “good ending” in the Phantom 2040 video game

  • Character bios

  • Guide to the city of Metropia, the setting of the series

  • Merch info

  • And much more!

As with most projects of this nature, the 2040 Archive is a continually growing beast. I already have plans for future additions, and of course the site will be updated as and when new information/ details/ merch/ etc on 2040 is released/ discovered.

If you’re a fan of Phantom 2040 please head on over and take a look.


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