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Introducing Frew's New Cover Artist: Tadam Gyadu

Frew #1957 features a wrap around cover by new to phans Tadam Gyadu from India. Below you can see the finished inks and the coloured version without the trade dress. We hope you enjoy learning a little about this new Phantom artist.

Chronicle Chamber: Thank you for joining us. Can you please tell us about yourself and where you are from.

Tadam Gyadu: First of all, Thank you for the opportunity to talk a little bit about myself.

I am Tadam Gyadu, born and brought up in a tiny town in North East India. I currently live in New Delhi.

CC: How you got into the comic industry?

TG: Just like countless other fellow comic creators, I have always been an avid reader of comics. I grew up on a healthy does of comics from Indian publishers. The art in comic books always fascinated me and ultimately drove me to pursue comics as a means to earn my living.

CC: What are some of your non Phantom other comic credits?

TG: I have worked with all the major publishers in India which includes Raj Comics, Holy Cow Entertainment, Yali Dream Creations, Bullseye Press etc. Interested readers can start from Code Name Alpha vol. 01, which I feel is one of my strongest works.

Other than Indian publishers, I have also worked for Marvel Comics recently. I worked on the new Spider-man: India miniseries as an interior artist and short stories starring Ghost Rider and Iron Man.

CC: Did you grow up with the Phantom?

TG: Unfortunately no. Phantom comics were not available in the town I grew up in. So, I did not get a chance to read Phantom save for just one issue. I don’t remember much of it except that Phantom fought a giant gorilla - like man in it. The art was very different and more mature than what I had been seeing so far.

And now, as I look back, I see that I was too young to understand such phenomenal art.

CC: What is it about the Phantom that you like?

TG: I really like the whole concept of Phantom. A guy, who lives in a jungle and goes on adventures and writes them down for the future Phantoms to go through and learn from; I love it!

CC: How did you get the Frew gig?

TG: Mr. Glenn Ford from Frew Publications got in touch with me via Facebook. I am not exactly sure how he came to know about my work. He probably saw my Phantom sketches which I made for some Phans’ personal collection. He asked me if I would like to do a Phantom cover and I jumped at the opportunity!

CC: What is your process? Do you create your artwork traditionally or via computer?

TG: I really like drawing on paper but to save some time and increase the scope of revision, I have switched to a hybrid method. I do the layouts and pencils on a computer and then, once approved, I print out the pencils for inking. I usually print them out in light blue lines to ink over them directly but sometimes, If I have adequate time at hand, I print them out in black & white and trace the lines onto a different paper and ink over them. It makes the process a little longer than it should be, but I find it enjoyable.

The wraparound cover that I made for Frew is done like that.

CC: Tell us about your cover

TG: The cover i made is for the title called “Jean Lafitte’s treasure”. Glenn asked me to do a wraparound cover, which was interesting because this would be the first wraparound cover I ever did. I was a little nervous at first because Phantom is such an iconic character. But I am happy with the results and hope the Phans would enjoy it as well!

CC: Do you accept commissions?

TG: Yes. I usually finish my commissions in between drawing and inking full comic issues. So as long as the patrons are comfortable giving me enough time to get to their sketch, I am open to accepting commissions.

CC: Are you attending any comic conventions in the near future where phans can see some of your work and get you to sign some Frew Phantom comics?

TG: I am usually present at Comic Con Delhi which happens in December every year. I will be exhibiting there this year too. Not planning to attend any other conventions until the third quarter of next year. You will be able to see the announcements of those on my social media accounts.

CC: How can phans follow your work?

TG: I am fairly active on social media. The Phans can reach me on any of the following handles:

Instagram: @_tadammeh_

Facebook: Tadam Gyadu

Twitter: @Tadammeh


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