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Fantomen 8/2024 Features Uppsala to Coincide with their Comix Convention

Fantomen and the Uppsala Comix are working together to release a themed comic that will be released the week before the comic convention held on 14 April 2024.

Included in the comic is the story titled "Demonens avbild" ("The Demon's Image") by Tony DePaul and Heiner Bade which feature the 19th and 21st Phantom visit the city.

On top of this, the comic features an amazing cover by Henrik Salhstrom who manages to portray several Uppsala popular landmarks with a disguised Phantom in his Mr Walker alias.

Robert Aman and Andreas Eriksson will both be attendance with panels. Robert will be talking about his new (not Phantom related) book and Andreas will be talking about the Phantom.

You can find out more about the convention at their website or follow them on social media (Facebook and Instagram).

This story has yet to be published outside of Scandinavia and was voted as the best adventure back in 1995 for Norwegian Fantomet readers.

This is not the first time the Fantomen magazine has worked together with a convention or organisation to release a themed comic.

In 1986, the Swedish Gröna Lund theme park in Stockholm, on their "Phantom Day", June 12th, 1986. Re released Fantomen 12/1986 with an extra cover - the contents were exactly the same.

In 2008, Fantomenland gave away a comic featuring "Piratskeppet S/S Blitz" ("S.S. Blitz") by Lee Falk and Sy Barry along with a program for an outdoor theatre show titled "The Phantom's Birthday".

It has me wondering if Frew and Fantomen have perhaps missed a beat by not creating a short or regular sized story every year featuring The Phantom visiting Sydney and Gottenburg for the Supanova and Gottenburg comic / book fairs?

Thank you to Andreas Eriksson and Mikael Lyck for their help and letting us know about this news. If you spot other Phantom related news, please let us know via our social media platforms or via email.


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