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Boss Fight Studio's Phantom Wave 2.0 Figurines in Store Soon

We have confirmation that wave 2.0 from the Hero H.A.C.K.S Phantom range will be available soon. Wave 2.0 includes the 11th Phantom and the Singh Pirate which comes with exchangeable heads - this is perfect if you buy two, you can then have two different looking pirates fighting the Phantom.

Amazon has a release date of 22 November 2023, however thanks to confirmation from Erik Araña from Boss Fight Studio that date is not 100% accurate. The figurines should be out by then but is largely dependent on the stock arriving from transit. So if your expecting them to be shipped from that date, please do not - that date is from Amazon, not Boss Fight Studio.

The Pirate comes with extra pieces to create alternate pirates and both the pirate and the Phantom come with holsters & loops to store his pistols and Sabre. As you can see in the image gallery below, the two Singh pirates do look very different.

You can pre order these figurines from their website, Amazon or via your local figurine provider.

For the Australian readers, you can pre order from Ozzie Collectables for $49.99Au each.

Thanks to Erik Araña from Boss Fight Studio are the finished print packaging designs which is a piece of art in itself and look amazing. You may notice that artist Loston Wallace has slightly modified the 11th Phantoms outfit which is something from Jeff Weigel's book. No cuff links and the cowl has the bandana finish at the back. What do you think of it? Can you see any other changes?


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