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Review of 'Boss Fight Studio' Phantom & Hero Figurine Set

Originally released as part of Wave 1.0 we review the Grey Phantom and Hero articulated figurines from Boss Fight Studio. If your interested in buying these figurines, go to our world wide list of retailers.

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Boss Fight Studio release great figures that are ready to play straight out the box - no need to give them a bath to loosen their joints.

As we have reviewed the figurines twice before (wave 1.0 review & wave 2.0 review), I did not focus too much on the grey figurines that came with Hero in this review. The Grey is a nice dark grey, really like the colour. Would be good to see a past male Phantom next - three is enough of the 21st Phantom's.

The horse (Hero) is the main hero (pun intended) of this pack, he is fully articulated and is amazing when compared to other horse figurines. If I was to be negative Hero is not easy to pose, the secret which took me a while to find out was the stand with two posing sticks - once you figure that out, it is much much more easy to pose Hero. The two sticks are for Hero to 'run' and the other is to make him 'rear' up on his hind legs.

The other secret when posing the Phantom on hero is to slightly rotate the Phantom's thighs and he is much more secure to stay in the saddle. If you do not rotate the thighs, he doesn't stay in the saddle.

Loston Wallace and Steve Downer are a great artists and their work on the packaging again is top quality as previously.

I did not like the sticky tape on the packaging but apart from this and the knowledge needed to pose them together I have nothing but praise for the work Boss Fight Studio do with their Phantom.

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