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Boss Fight Studio 'King Comics Super Heroes' PVC Figurines Now Out

Christmas has come early for some phans with the Phantom and Flash Gordon mini 3 inch PVC figurines now available for sale and some pre orders being fulfilled.

For those who came in late, these PVC figurines come in a box of 18 figurines with 5x Phantom themed figurines and 5x Flash Gordon themed figurines.

In each box you will receive a set of 10x plus 8x doubles. These items will come in individual blind bags and boxed in a cool box which you can see aligned to your right.

From a Phantom perspective you get 2x Phantoms in blue and purple, Devil, Diana and a Mr Walker in his civi's. A close gallery of the 10 is below.

The price for the box is $180US which is $270AU, 170Eu, 1800 sek/nok and 15,000 INR plus shipping. That works out at $10US per figurine ($15AU, 10Eu, 100 nok/sek and 800 INR).

At the moment you can buy the boxes from Boss Fight Studio website here. While they do ship to around the world, many phans around the world have decided to wait for them to be sold in their local shops. if that is you, we suggest looking at this link, where we have listed shops from around the world that stock in these and other Boss Fight Studio figurines.

No official word yet if these figurines will be sold individually. It is my guess that some shops will list a blind bag individually to sell while others will list the complete box. Opened figurines will likely find their way on eBay and the Phantom Trader Joes buy and sell Facebook group.


Thanks to phan Will Dorrington for bringing this news to us. If you ever notice anything else Phantom related that we have missed. Please contact us.


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