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X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #149 - Lennart Moberg - Team Fantomen Creator

Join us with an engaging chat with Lennart Moberg who worked for Fantomen for 15 years and was one of the few who wrote and drew stories for Semic / Egmont. If you read Team Fantomen stories in the 1990's you would have marveled at his stories. We are talking about classics like Hoogaan's Revenge, The Set Up, Hunted, King of Chicago, The Psychopath, The Murder Rap plus many more.

Lennart was also part of the Team Fantomen crew who mapped out and planned stories we all read, loved (and hated!). He retells us what the meetings were like under Ulf Granberg and he even retells us the weekend meeting as they created the infamous Luaga v Lubanga v The Phantom saga.

We go through specific stories, specific creators he worked with along with his new recently published comic "Hell Week" plus his work on the Fantomenland zoo.

This podcast was extra special for Stephen and Jermayn with their genesis moment to their addiction coming from two of his stories.

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