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Introducing Anthony Spay - New Phantom Artist

In Fantomen 22-23/2019, we see an advert informing us that their next issue will feature a new Phantom artist named Anthony Spay. Anthony is an American artist who grew up in Swarthmore, PA, near Philadelphia. Anthony completed his undergrad at Gettysburg College and graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with an MFA in Sequential Art.

Anthony Spay's credits include Zenescope Entertainment, Legendary: X-Men Deck Building Game, Lady Death, covers for Dynamite Entertainment and as well his own projects including "New and Improved" which was part of a Kickstarter campaign in 2008.

We have already seen some of his Phantom work in the recent The Phantom Gallery - Series 2 trading card set. The exciting thing is that not only is Anthony drawing stories for Team Fantomen with his first story appearing in Egmont issue 24/2019 (due November 14, 2019) but he also has some Frew work in the pipeline.

Below we have the original inked black and white version of the trading card and the coloured production version of the trading card.

Anthony was first introduced to the Phantom through the newspaper strips as a lot of USA comic lovers were, but also the ever-popular Marvel Defenders of the Earth TV show that featured the Phantom fighting to survive the earth with other King Features Syndicate characters of Flash Gordon, Mandrake and Lothar.

As it happened, Anthony rediscovered the Phantom with the Moonstone's publishing history on the Phantom. Soon the Phantom began to follow him with a colleague at Zenescope by the name of EricJ who had also worked on Moonstone's Phantom. This and a desire to draw the Phantom in the jungle saw Anthony seek out both Egmont and Frew for the opportunity to draw the Phantom. Soon we will see that passion in our fortnightly comics.

Anthony will be featured on a future Chronicle Chamber podcast chat as more of his Phantom work becomes available to readers around the world. We thank Anthony for his time - you can view more of his work at his Facebook and Instagram profile.

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