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X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #106 - December 2018 Comics & News

The ChronicleChamber team take a look back at all the comics and news for the last months of 2018.

The recently concluded SHORTEST EVER Daily story leads us out, with Kit's Letter Home opening up a range of conversation points.

Frew regular issues #1824-1827 then form the core of the conversation, with one each of the quarterlies also up for review: Giantsize #7, Phantom's World #7 & Kid Phantom #6.

For the first time ever we also have an international reviewer, with Mikael Lyck coming on board to provide his thoughts on Fantomen 25-26/2018.

There's our special Christmas gift to talk about, and you need to be ready for a special singing Christmas treat!

It's our last podcast before Christmas, so - Merry Phantoming!

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